Suzuki GS Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance


Where the ^%$#@! is TDC (Top Dead Center)?

Build Your Own Steel Braid Brake Lines

Synchronize Carburetors

Re-Cover Seat

Replace Tach Cable Seals

Replace intake boot o-rings

Replace seals in cam chain tensioner

In Progress:

Shim Valve Adjustment

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This is a series of illustrated repair and maintenance procedures for Suzuki's line of GS motorcycles. We hope this series will grow to include many more procedures.

If you have a request for a certain procedure let me know and I'll post it here. (If you have specific or immediate questions or problems, please use the Technical Info forum on

And, of course, corrections, critiques, and feedback are always welcome and needed so let me know!

Requests from this thread on The GS Resources forum.
If you have expertise to contribute and a digital camera or scanner, please shoot me an email for instructions. (Please don't send me attachments!)