2002 V-Strom DL1000 for Sale in Indianapolis

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come for my mighty Vee to go on the block.

If you’re large and cheap frugal and you like to ride fast to places far away with lots of stuff and maybe a companion, this is your motorcycle.

PRICE DROP!!!!!! Now just $2,100 OBO.

Price is negotiable. I am VERY OPEN to offers. Clean Indiana title in hand. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ready for a fast, clean, COVID-safe exchange.

This Vee needs absolutely nothing but a bath and a new rider. It’s set up and ready for long-distance rapid transit at a moment's notice with new tires and chain, Givi hard luggage, updated suspension, seat, and all the other expensive fixes, upgrades doodads, and accessories already handled. If you think it's missing something, just ask. I probably forgot to list it.

Any questions, concerns, feedback, rants, pic requests, etc. please email brian@bwringer.com. We can exchange phone numbers if you’d like to have a chat. Need pics? Just say the word. Please tell all your galoot friends.

118,140 miles, fastidiously maintained, nicely farkled, everything updated… aaaand, yeah, hardly ever cleaned. Why start now, I guess...

It’s dead reliable and does not use oil. The DL1000 engines are understressed and well known for extreme mileage. Just ask “Wera688” who has over 437,000 miles on his 2003.

Sorry, not interested in trades. I need to reclaim garage space.


Maintenance, Updates, Fixes:

Minor Stuff:

Bad Stuff:

Cool Stuff it Comes With:

More Pics:

Some pretty gnarlsome scratches on the right front fairing stemming from a weird low-speed side smush attack from a Ford in a roundabout. Oh, there's my jaunty yellow hat.

Rear view. That reflective tape on the bags is utterly immune to all known forms of physical and chemical attack. I suggest getting used to it.

The cockpit just after startup. ADVmonster voltmeter down there in the depths, so you can see it when the sun’s out. Also note cigarette lighter switched power port, switch for heated grips, Spiegler clutch and brake lines. Yeah, that edge on the vestigial windshield is kinda wobbly. If you think you can do better, there’s a spare windshield in the parts stash.

Fresh Motobatt, spare levers, trail stand, upgraded SH775 series regulator just visible behind the tupperware at the bottom of the photo. Relay for accessory power and heated grips, plus a spare relay. Filth.

Fresh rotors & pads!

Fork brace, skid plate. More filth.

Brand new premium sport-touring front tire: Avon Storm 3D XM

Brand new rear tire, Avon Storm 3D XM. Girthy new premium 530 chain (EK ZVX3), new JT sprockets. And yep, more filth. I like gold chains because they encourage me to keep the chain clean and protected, even if everything else is a lost cause.

So much room for activities! And stuff. And people. And their stuff.

Bright AND attention-getting; LED on the right side of the bike, yellow halogen on the left. Cars still do dumb stuff, but a little less stupid happens in front of you with this setup.